Q. How many minutes are allotted per player?
A. It depends on the session.  Session 1 is about 5 minutes per player and Session II is  about 10 minutes per player.  We allow flexibility so timing doesn’t have to be exact.

Q. How will the playing order be determined?
A. Playing order will be determined by name draw during the meetup.  We also welcome those wishing to go first.

Q. What can I play at the meetup?
A. Anything. We welcome all levels and genres. Pieces can be new works in progress or completed works. Memorization is not required to encouraged for solo classical pieces.

Q. What happens during a meetup?
A. During a meetup, players can discuss their pieces as well as use a Zoom Chat to give each other feedback. Players may also choose to play without any feedback.  Players should let the event host know in advance if they wish to play without feedback.


A zoom link will be announced to all performers no later than an hour before the event.  Performers are responsible for sharing the zoom link with their guests. 

***In the event of a cancellation, a notification will be sent to your email.***