Marathon FAQ's

Q. Who is eligible to participate?

A. Marathon is open to all intermediate to advanced pianists. Priority consideration is given to NYPG members who have actively participated in our online zoom meetups. To become a member, please click here.

Q. Is there an audition for performers wishing to participate?

A. No.  There is no audition.

Q. How many minutes are allotted per player?

A. This will be determined by the number of performers. As a general rule, longer pieces should not be over 10 minutes. Shorter pieces will be preferred in cases where there’s a large turnout of players. So we recommend that you have both long and short pieces ready.

Q. Will there be an intermission during the concert?

A. Due to the nature of the event being a “Marathon”, there will be no intermission.

Q. Do pieces have to be memorized?

A. Memorization is not required but encouraged for solo classical pieces.

Q. What is the dress code for performers?

A. There is no dress code however performers should keep in mind that there may be pictures and videos taken by audience members.