Showcase Policy & Guidelines

ELIGIBILITY: Open to adult pianists from intermediate to advanced levels.  All genres accepted.  Applicant must be at least 18 years old. 

WHEN: Held during late June or early to mid-July

Time: TBA


REPERTOIRE: Solo, four-hand duet, duo piano, instrumental duo and chamber music trio eligible.  Memorization is not required but recommended for standard solo classical repertoire.  Memorization of a piece allows performers to perform with confidence, security and a greater freedom of expression.

PIECE LENGTH: Limited to a maximum of 10 minutes per piece.  Special consideration will be given based on need.

NUMBER OF PIECES: Performers can list up to three pieces.  Depending on the number of performers and length of the program, performers may be able to play more than one piece.

PIECE SELECTION CRITERIA: Pieces are selected based on the quality of performance through the video submission and livestream audition. Priority is given to memorized pieces at the time of video submission.  NYPG showcase aims for a diverse and balanced program representing a variety of styles and composers. If you wish to know if the piece selection(s) is acceptable, you can send an email to, under the subject, ‘NYPG Showcase’.

PERFORMANCE VIDEO: A performance video is a video of your performance.  It should show a full sideview of your hands, feet and face. Only the pieces accompanied by a video will be considered for showcase selection.  Please note that an application is not complete without a performance video.  Video should be in YouTube format and shouldn’t be more than 6 months old.

LIVESTREAM AUDITION: Selected applicants will be scheduled to perform their selections through a livestream audition. Livestream audition will be scheduled individually.

PERFORMER NOTIFICATION:  Applicants will be notified by email within two weeks after the livestream audition whether he/she is selected to perform.

Selected performers are asked to submit a performer contract along with a performer deposit in order to secure a spot in the showcase. Once a performer commitment contract and performer deposit is received, a performer spot is confirmed for the applicant.