Q. What is the dress code?
A. Performers are free to dress however he/she likes.  Just no sneakers, jeans or shorts as this is not a casual event.

Q. How many pieces are allowed per performer?
A. As a general rule of thumb, all performers are given up to 10 to 12 minutes of stage time. Additional stage time is given based on circumstance such as program shortage, performer shortage, piece cancellation, performer cancellation, etc.

Q. Is memorization required for performers?
A. No, but performers who memorize their pieces at the time of the audition will be given priority. Audition will be administered online. Memorization is recommended for solo classical works.

Q. Will I be able to try out the piano on the day of the concert?
A. Yes, there will be a soundcheck rehearsal an hour or two before the concert. Each performer will have up to 10 minutes to try out the piano.

Q. Can I change my piece after the audition?
A. Selected performers may change their piece as long as the program has not been announced to the public yet.

Q. Will my performance be recorded?
A. Performers can arrange to have his/her performance recorded before the concert. Please note the NYPG reserves the right to make performances public, however we do use our discretion when it comes to making performances public as we try to maintain a high artistic standard. Another words, we wish to highlight and share high quality performances with the public on our website and other online platforms.

Q. Can I livestream my performance on my social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc?
A. It depends on the venue. Some venues require a hired personnel from the premise to livestream only.  Livestreaming information will be provided once the venue is determined.

Q. Are practice room available at the venue?
A. It depends on the venue. If there are practice rooms available, it has to be rented out in advance at the performer’s expense.